Pricing & Features

PhotoToursIDX is available in a Basic version with a great combination of features and affordability and an Enhanced version with features that include Area Search, Map View, Advanced Search, Lead Capture and IDX for Active and Sold Listings.

Basic vs. Enhanced Price & Feature Comparison

Feature Basic Version Enhanced Version

$200 / year
$20 / month

$400 / year
$40 / month

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

New Listings Search

Open House Search

Website Color Matching

Custom Searches

Quick Search

BIG Slideshow Photos

Advanced Search


Map View


Area Info & Search


Lead Capture


Agent / Office Listings


IDX sub-domain


IDX Sitemap


Mobile Friendly & Responsive

PhotoToursIDX looks great on all devices including phones, tablets and desktops. For tablets and desktops, we use a responsive framework called Bootstrap and for phones we use JQuery mobile.

New Listings Search

PhotoToursIDX provides a convenient "New Listings" view that shows all the listings added within the last three days so you can easily see the latest listings available. You can easily identify new listings in any of your searches by the "New Listing" red banner overlay.

Open House Search

Looking for Open Houses? In PhotoToursIDX all listings with an Open House have a blue "Open House" banner so you can easily spot them. We also have an Open House view that shows all the Open Houses grouped by the day.

Website Color Matching

Custom color matching your PhotoToursIDX to your website gives a more integrated and seamless feel to your property search tool.

Custom Searches

With PhotoToursIDX you can have custom search links that allow for some very specific custom searches. For example, here is a Custom Search showing all short sales. Click here to see this custom search link

Quick Search

The Quick Search feature allows you to provide a quick search form on your website. It can be completely customized and styled to meet you needs and is available in a horizontal format as well as a sidebar format like the one shown here.

Big Slideshow Photos

On our IDX property details pages, we offer an auto-sizing javascript slideshow that display the largest photos available in the MLS.

Advanced Search (Enhanced Version Only)

Our advanced search lets you really get granular on a property search where you can search for listings in a particular neighborhood or school district and much more!

Map View (Enhanced Version Only)

Our Map View feature lets you see your listings results displayed on a Map so you can get a good bearing on where the listings in your search results are located.

Area Info & Search (Enhanced Version Only)

Our area search feature showcases 12 specific communities in the Santa Barbara area including Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Hope Ranch, The Mesa, Upper East, San Roque, The Riviera, Mission Canyon, Summerland, Carpinteria and Santa Ynez Valley. Each of these has a detailed description of the area along with all available listings in that area. Click here to see our Area Info & Search in action

Lead Capture (Enhanced Version Only)

Available only on PhotoToursIDX Enhanced, this is a complete feature rich lead capture system. The lead capture system provides useful IDX features like saving searches and new listing email notifications — all of which require your website visitor to register with you allowing you to follow up with them.

Agent / Office Listings (Enhanced Version Only)

Use our IDX search tool to display your active and sold listings on your website. Add your listings into the MLS and they automatically show up on your website... no more duplicating your listing data to keep your website updated!

IDX sub-domain (Enhanced Version Only)

Our Enhanced IDX comes with an optional sub-domain setup that can really help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because all of the IDX listing content is credited to your sub-domain. When this feature is combined with our IDX sitemap you should see great search engine visability.

IDX Sitemap (Enhanced Version Only)

This feature goes hand in hand with our sub-domain feature. Usually this is a link that you place on the bottom of your website which is primarily for use by the search engines to make it easy for them to index and give you credit for all your IDX content.

Support & FAQS

Here at PhotoToursIDX, our support team headed up by Allen Lorentzen is ready to provide assistance. If you are considering PhotoToursIDX and have a question or two please give us a call. If you are an existing customer in need of customer support, we are standing by ready to assist you.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions that you should review first but if you don't find an answer to your question... by all means give us a call at (805) 563-7788 or send us an email at

How do I install your FaceBook IDX app?

Our IDX Facebook search app installs on the Facebook business page of your choosing. If you don't yet have a Facebook business page you can create one here: click here to create a facebook business page

Once you have the business page setup where you want to install our Facebook Search App follow the instructions below:

  1. Identify the page id of your business page. When you are visiting your business page, look at the URL for the page id. For example, here is the URL for a sample real estate business page: The 1391601371053855 is the page id for this sample page.
  2. Contact PhotoToursIDX at (805) 563-7788 and provide this page id so they can setup your Facebook Search App in our IDX system
  3. Once we have set this up for you, we will email you an installation link which will install our Facebook Search App into your business page
  4. Once you receive the installation URL that we email to you, open a browser and login into the facebook account that owns your business page
  5. Now open up the email that contains the installation link and click on it
  6. After clicking on the installation link, you should be taken to a page that looks like this:
  7. From the "Choose Facebook Pages" pull-dowm menu, choose the page where you want our PhotoToursIDX Search App installed and then click on the "Add Page Tab" button locted on the bottom right.
  8. You should get a message stating "App has been installed to page"
  9. Thats it! Go visit your business page (make sure to refresh your browser) and you should see a new tab called "Property Search"
  10. Clicking on the Home Search tab will bring up our PhotoToursIDX Home Search page for Facebook which provides your Facebook business page visitors access to your IDX home search, your active listings and your website. (photo below shows our PhotoToursIDX Home Search page).

Our Portfolio

Below are some implementations of our IDX solution in use by some of our clients


PhotoToursIDX - Enhanced Version

Independent Newspaper

PhotoToursIDX - Enhanced Version

Nick Svensson

PhotoToursIDX - Basic Version

Angela Moloney

PhotoToursIDX - Basic Version

Michelle Cook

PhotoToursIDX - Agents Active IDX Listings

Shandra Campbell

PhotoToursIDX - Agents Sold IDX Listings

Hutch Axilrod

PhotoToursIDX - Agents Active IDX Listings

Laurel Abbott

PhotoToursIDX - Enhanced Version

Mort Maizlish

PhotoToursIDX - Enhanced Version

Sally Hanseth

PhotoToursIDX - Basic Version

About Us

PhotoToursIDX is based in Santa Barbara, California and has been providing Santa Barbara Real Estate Agents and Brokers with property search solutions since 2007.

As a small company servicing only the Santa Barbara area, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing the best of class service and support and the most accurate search results. Our competition tends to be larger companies servicing realtors and brokers from all over the country with tens or hundreds of MLS databases to keep updated.

PhotoToursIDX focuses only on one area and one MLS database... The Santa Barbara MLS, so you can bet that we pay a lot more attention to detail than those bigger, national level property search providers which is why the Santa Barbara Association or Realtors and the Santa Barbara Independent use our property search solution.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email anytime and we promise to get back to you promptly... Thank You for your interest in PhotoToursIDX.

PhotoToursIDX Contact

PhotoTours, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA 93436
Phone: (805) 563-7788